Monday, August 2, 2010

A Star is Born

While on Deli mag this morning, I ran across an ad for a band I once played with. Local Bk hip-hop duo The Metermaids. While they were always great both on stage and up close...  professional doods that managed to make white hip-hop not look all that dorky, they've certainly come a long way since I played with them at 3rd Ward years back.

They have a new free EP out now produced by Rob Swift... and though I only listened a couple times, shit is a banger! My personal fave: A Star is Born. If anyone can tell me where this sample is from, please do!

Anyways, you all should push on over to their myspace and dl asap. A lot of great production from Jack White, Andrew W.K. and BK gets repped too: Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear get some great treatment too:









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